1. "That's why I fucked your bitch you fat motherfucker."
    Tupac to Biggie. The absolute most reckless, fiery and allegedly true diss in rap history. Unprecedented.
  2. "Go and dig your partner up; bet he can't say shit"
    Gucci Mane killed Young Jeezy's friend in a botched robbery. Filthy.
  3. "The Latin Kings don't like me; I don't care! We don't talk that "Mira Mira" bullshit around here!"
    50 Cent disses the Latin Kings and Spanish
  4. "What, you think you getting girls now cause of your looks?"
    Nas to Jay-Z on Ether. Disrespectful.
  5. "Skeeted in your jeep/ left condoms on the baby seat."
    Jay-Z to Nas. Jay-Z's mom made him apologize. Yes, really.