50 Cent is under-rated for what he was; the uncontested bully of rap, a grade-A sneering gangster. Briefly redefined what a rapper was. So powerful.
  1. "The Latin Kings don't like me, I don't care! We don't talk that Mira Mira bullshit around here."
    Pretty ballsy to call out a gang and all of Spanish
  2. "I do what I got to do, I don't care if I get caught, the DA can play this morherfucking tape in court, I'll kill you, (I ain't playin') hear what I'm saying? (I ain't playing) cause ill kill you."
    This was a ~chorus~
  3. "Saying lord Jesus help me! Shoulda asked me"
    Re; him shooting an opponent. Blasphemous and brutal. Super-villiany
  4. All of "how to rob"
    He threatens to to rob, by name, every rapper in the game.
  5. "You owe a (Novak), don't wanna pay him? Kill him. You ain't gotta believe me- that shit makes it easy.
  6. "If you thought like me, you could be me, but you ain't been what I been through and this shit ain't that easy"
  7. "They say I don't sound like a killer; well, how a killer sound?"
    Spooky in it's mild, shrugging call-out. You're bluffing if you think he's bluffing, in short.