As introduced to me through @john. Talking/drinking game
  1. The rule of the Movie Game, as I understand it, is to pitch a movie using little data
  2. You innovate good/bad details as you go, weaving, over time, a wildly specific scenario
    The fun comes in the creativity and peanut gallery
  3. Ready? Sample rounds.
  4. 1: Knowing no other detail wouls you see "The Smurfs 4?"
  5. 2: I am in it as "Rapper Smurf"
    "Still no."
  6. 3: It's a good theatre and free snacks
    "Hmm...what type of snacks..."
  7. 4: A small popcorn and a soda
  8. 5: And raisinettes!
  9. New Round
  10. 1: A movie called "Gunface" is playing. You in?
  11. 2: Michael Moore
  12. 3: Scorcese, but the AV Club gave it a C+
    Worth a shot, sure
  13. 4: You have to watch it alone
    Sure, whatever
  14. 5: Your ex will be there at a theatre with dope leather seats. Also, AV Club just bumped their rating up to a flat B.
    ...which ex
  15. 6: your favorite chill ex
    Okay cool
  16. 7: ...but they're on a date
    What kind? J-Date or Tinder? Is it going well?
  17. New Round!
  18. 1: Schindler's List 2
    Oh fuck you
  19. 2: Starring Chrisoph Waltz.
    Shit, maybe.
  20. Try your own at the next small party you're at!
    Not a list app game sadly. The fun comes from going aloud