1. Starbucks
    With an open table to write at!
  2. A frozen yogurt spot
    That let's you scoop your own toppings and has a good citrus-tart selection!
  3. A sports-bar renown for one appetizer and good beer in bottles
    Killing 50 minutes with sports, a good beer and [truffle fries? Onion rings? Alternate?] sounds ideal
  4. Way more fucking outlets, that's for sure
    We're all charging our phones!
  5. A fitted hat store
    Browsing only
  6. A uniqlo that only sells socks
    I never ever have enough
  7. A chipotle
  8. A B-Good burger spot
  9. One upscale cool spot you can trust
    You might want to ball out at a Legal Seafoods as I once did with Ben
  10. One delicious local spot you can enjoy
    Kogi truck?