1. Insecurity is more common than not.
  2. But sharing it isn't
  3. We are all strivers and maximizers, but that aspiration often comes from a darker place
    Like a shadow is born from light, but in reverse: the sky's the limit is the flip side of the anxious fact/fear of permanent stagnation.
  4. Generally, people like to brag on social media
  5. They like pictures of success, poppy colors and victory
  6. I don't
  7. I am anxious and fearful and often envious
  8. I'm not alone in that
  9. These are human and near universal
  10. But it's rare to say it out loud
  11. Public is for your best foot forward, after all
  12. But when everyone is pressing that foot forward, photoshopped and glamorous and cooler than yours
  13. You feel like you're losing the race
  14. You aren't
  15. I'm not asking for sympathy
  16. But rather offering some of my own
  17. If you feel anxious from social media
  18. I understand