1. It's a fast food veggie burger chain
  2. Hear me out
  3. Beef consumption is untenable
    It's terrible for the environment and will not be economically viable long term. Also, health.
  4. Burgers are a safe food format
    Bun, patty, topping, cheese. Cheese will be clutch; we need savoryness here. Aoli too.
  5. It's familiar but funky.
    You'll get a lot of disproportionate publicity.
  6. You'll tread water in 2016
    It's cheap and tasty and healthy-seeming (truthfully: use mayo and delicious toppings to make it super tasty and marketable. You ~can~ have it healthy but let's not push it.) But we're aiming for a 2026 world where beef consumption is rarer.
  7. You also have a soda replacement option
    Soda is a huge money maker. If you have a healthful seeming way to up charge it, and it's on theme, and we can control the branding etc? This is an excuse to sell healthy soda-like stuff
  8. Bam: long term economic speculation that plays into media trends for free publicity
  9. Let's do it
    You do all the work, and I do my thing. I have a further vision. We split it 80/20 you.
  10. Bonus; we focus on sauces and can transition more easily; different veggie options, a fried chickpea one, a bean one, etc
    Everyone's favorite part, right?