1. Other people's dates
    It can be a bad habit depending on the situation, but there's nothing like being relieved from expectations that lets me charm, my ideal first date is going on a date with a girl I think is waiting for a different date
  2. Smartass difficult kids
    Contrary to popular belief, smartass kids often have a different structure of priorities. I have authority over our most difficult kid not because I did normal things, but because I argued the strengths of a bio-tech robot would be, if it had photosynthesis etc. He was shocked I could speak his language so no we will listen when I level with him. He treats me as a translator.
  3. All the best strangers at parties
    Tautological shared confidence; anyone charmed by me (or vice Versa) is the best. Therefore we're good
  4. Readers
    I'm a smoooooooth criminal