Assuming my brothers are priced out
  1. @dabromowitz would be somewhere on the writing staff. His comedy is good but I'm often blown away by his abilities in theory, structure and focus, all of which are weaknesses of mine. He would be big ideas and overseer, responsible for helping craft larger ideas while running crucial scripts solo.
  2. @vera would be a writer with a focus on smaller, crucial details like turns of dialogue, framing etc. She'd be a day-to-day leader of our writing staff too. She's brilliant obviously but especially impressed with her cutthroat approach to whining or coasting of talent, in herself and others.
  3. Ben Kling, who doesn't have this app, is unnerving brilliant in so many ways that id pay him just to be in a room with other creative people. He's given a blank check on his to-do list because his talent and focus are unnervingly varied and impressive
  4. @lanemoore is on board obviously, but also because she's hyper talented and never sleeps. She's especially work well with Vera I think who would help her cultivate and craft kick ass work further
  5. I would hire myself under all these people because I'm good but can't be allowed to coast and best when I'm inspired and competitive. Would especially be happy to have Dan politely edit out bad ideas and help polish good ones
  6. Jacob Rubin is a genius but too unstable to have as anything but a well paid consultant. He'll have five great ideas that pay for themselves artistically.
  7. @sophia would be the show runner and executive producer from afar because we need that guidance and love