It's updating right now.
  1. It's sunny
  2. Wake up at 10:15.
  3. Lounge until 10:45
  4. Make breakfast with Scott. Breakfast sandwiches, kale salad, frozen grapes, a banana. Delicious and good enough for you
  5. Make plans to walk around a gorgeous day
  6. Meditate
  7. Smoke
  8. Drake and gratitude waiting for my walk
  9. Be
  10. Clean room because that's another thing to be happy about
  11. Put on new clothes and compile new sunny day outfit and look fly
  12. Frozen yogurt in Harvard square with friend
  13. Walk around the charles
  14. Walk to a burrito place I've been meaning to try, find out it is open until 4am and delivers
  15. Small workout