1. A cool and stylish umbrella for uniqlo
    Cheap and purposeful
  2. Six pairs of socks from uniqlo
    My only regret is I didn't buy twelve. They're so good! I only have white socks! Agh! But glad I got these. They look good and cool and feel new and nice.
  3. A comb
    I needed this
  4. My first pair of real sunglasses
    So exciting to be cool! I walked through Soho with the impeccably dressed @vera and tried to look shifty so people thought I was important and/or shifty.
  5. Big friendly white plastic coat hangers
    You can just buy these?!?!?!!!!!? So excited to actually hang my clothes
  6. Laundry Bag
    This one actually looks antiseptic green and wack so I plan to replace it but it isn't torn to shreds so it's a good holding pattern improvement