You know I love ghosts and rap
  1. "Do you believe in ghosts, motherfucker?" -Tupac, "Ghost"
    Sounds to good to be true but it's real. It even continues into "real live Black ghosts...?" But I just love "do you believe in ghosts?" As a straight line
  2. "I'm a monster; every day is Halloweeen"- Lil Wayne, upgrade you
    Halloween is Ghost Christmas
  3. "Pull up the ghost, guess it's getting spooky"
    Drake, Lord Knows
  4. "She pretty like the bride of Frankenstien" - Lil Wayne
    Uh weird call but whatever
  5. [Bushwick Bill's entire verse on "My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me]
    Suggested by @angusisley
  6. "Now your spirit leaves your body and your mind clears/ The rigor mortis starts to set, now you outta here" - Scarface, "Never Seen a Man Cry"
    Suggested by @angusisley