Feel free to ask a question through "suggest" and I'll answer it
  1. How are you doing?
    Broad strokes? Really well. I feel more capable and more at peace than pretty much ever before, and it feels I've just started to enter a new phase of my life and my work.
  2. How do you know so much about rap?
    I don't! I know a small part of rap very, very deeply, but I'm not a genre savant. Fun fact: I got into rap through Weird Al. I was unironically obsessed with the rap parodies and someone told me that was a full genre I could listen to.
  3. Sometimes you're overly personal on social media
    Not a question, but I'll allow it. I wrote an article I like about over sharing, but for me it's deeply and truly comforting to be honest and heard. The latter precludes me from journaling- venting feels like exhaling a bad thought before it burrows inside me.
  4. What are you working on?
    Not enough, but novels. Alternatively very proud and very nervous about my work. Sometimes both. Not mutually exclusive. Worried about my work and career very often.
  5. What do you do other than worry?
    Write party hang and eat. Also teach. My day to day is pretty solid.
  6. What do you like most?
    Calm, friends, family, food, weed, and attention. I love attention and performing.
  7. What's up with you and ghosts?
    I borrowed ghosts and the pantheon of related terms (spooky, etc) as a borrowed framework for a future aesthetic. Struck me as interesting.