I'm not saying they're good, I'm saying they are a part of me.
  1. "When it comes to coke, can't fuck with us. We move big birds, you snuffleuffagous"
    Birds is slang for coke packages and snuffleuffagous was big birds imaginary friend implying we move coke and they don't. How good is this line?? So good.
  2. "Got white like a Moon Stone, selling pure, never two tone/ plus you know I got that ice that evolves like a Dewgong"
    Pokemon. And Dewgong is an evolved ice Pokemon that's powerful like his jewelery
  3. "Fuck your town, that's a second city to me/ I got NY and Chicago, You see, B?"
  4. "Fuck you squares, I moved o's and ovals/ and not here to flip but Pusha T-Mobile"
    Dense line I wanna give Pusha T
  5. "Expert on the pies, wrote my thesis on them pizzas/, and call me Thot Catalogue cause I'm always thinkin' pieces"
  6. "Girl so bad but she good like scripture/ her curves go on and on like a möbius stripper"