This is rappers and Magic: The Gathering. Requested by @shirin18
  1. 50 Cent: Mono Red Burn
    Burn used to be a boogie man of magic tournaments but everyone is much better prepared these days. Everyone has Leyline of Sanctity or Spellskite in the board, plus the splash lifegain of seige rhino and lightning helix and kitchen finks and every creature seemingly has 4 toughness now to dodge removal. Magic has adapted and moved on. So has rap. Also: 50 Cent has NO SPLASH. He says its so he can run 4 blood moon in the sideboard which makes sense but it weakens the deck.
  2. Kendrick Lamar: Jeskai Control
    At its worst, a little slow and a little clunky. But my god; what a glorious deck prepared for anything with so many angles. Kendrick has 1 Isochron Scepter in the board too.
  3. Lil Wayne: U/R Delver
    A classic that had a brief period of awesome, unrivaled dominance, it has now settled into good enough with nostalgia points
  4. Rick Ross: Mono Green Stompy
    Laugh now, cry later: Stompy, like Ross, is a simple "size matters" strategy with tenacity that can survive. Ross runs 4 kitchen finks main as a fuck you to sweepers and especially burn, as piloted by 50 Cent
  5. Jay-Z: Affinity, possible switch to R/G Tron.
    He just wants to win, and it's less about skill than wealth of options. Can be shut down cold with the right hate.
  6. Drake: Jeskai Twin
    Smoother than Kendrick, but with less depth. A meta-game choice. Has a better game against Jay-Z Afffinity.
  7. Kanye: Merfolk (formerly slivers, formerly-formerly mono blue tron)
    Kanye wanted to run slivers, the multi-colored casual tribe, then merfolk came along. Less colorful, more powerful: a difficult choice for Kanye, but one on level with his "less is more" fashion.
  8. Meek Mill: Scapeshift
    Meek Mill doesn't really know how to play this right. He just googled a deck nobody else had. Secretly wishes he ran Jeskai Twin. Meek forgot to bring a sideboard.
  9. Young Thug: Troll Worship
    An apt discretion of Thuggers actions/critical response, Troll Worship is a super annoying deck that's oddly well positioned. Remind you of anyone?
  10. Game: Skred Red
    We get it, you're a blood.
  11. Wale: Mill
    Mill isn't as good as it should be or as creative as he thinks it is. Wale, in a nutshell.
  12. Andre 3000: Lantern Control
    Ahhhhhh what the fuckkkkkkkk that's so cool but are you ever going to do anything???? Please???
  13. Tyler The Creator: Rakdos Midrange
    Confidants, Lavamancers, Blighting, discard and burn; a casual concept that's just powerful enough to wipe away the poorly prepared. Tyler wouldn't have the money or sell-out instinct to make it Jund instead.
  14. Future: Storm
    Our first combo deck; Future goes all-in
  15. Eminem: Azban
    Compared to Jund, Abzan hopes the white splash gives it better hate across the format. Eminem hopes that works for him.
  16. Nicki Minaj: Unburial Gifts
    "What's she doing? Lol...oh wait I'm dead." The same philosophy of the deck matches up with Nicki in the rap game.