Here is the rap universe I've established over years of jokes and more
  1. Tha Crusty Jugglers
    A gross rap group my ensemble doesn't like or interact with
  2. Milkshake Milkshake Tiger
    A poppy rap group that's wildly popular. We have more respect for them than you'd think
  3. John Galt
    My libertarian rap persona. Mixtape series "Who Is John Galt?" Knuckle tattoos that spell the name.
  4. April Jewels
    Spends all year excited for April fools day when he drops his album but is very frustrate that people think he's an April fools joke
  5. King Hippo
    A Dominican rapper we invented who's affable and verbose. Critically acclaimed but we don't speak Spanish
  6. . all caps
    Written in no caps, all caps is the social conscience backpack rapper persona I hypothetically use
  7. The Quiet Man
    Legendary producer nobody has ever seen. Terrifying rumors surround him.
  8. Solid Gold Tank
    A rap clique with booming beats and boasts hyperbolic enough to be absurdist (solid gold rims on our solid gold yacht smoking solid gold blunt with hologram Tupac.) starring me and @sschuster who is my incredibly excitable hype man
  9. Shoot Yo Brain With Knowledge Guns!
    The chipper, violent, and often factually incorrect educational rap group brought to schools in my sketches. They're very good natured. Their lyrics are not.