1. Pusha T
    I've got the punchlines and the passion. Pusha T and I are not so different, other than all the differences. I think we'd get along
  2. A$AP Rocky
    I could be the guy who says "I don't know about this...". Clearly there is nobody in the group willing to be a nerd and there is a clear and pressing need for it. Thus I submit my application for A$AP Caution, the responsible one who aims to keep them out of trouble
  3. Earl Sweatshirt
    I feel he needs someone else to feel socially anxious about Tyler, The Creator. I could be that guy for him.
  4. Macklemore
    I would tell him to Mackle less.
  5. Lupe Fiasco
    "Uh huh, woah, that's crazy. No, totally." (Leaks the good songs)
  6. Lloyd Banks
    Look me in the eye and tell me I couldn't help Lloyd Banks in some capacity
  7. Jadakiss
    I'd be the guy to say "hey, it's Jadakiss!" So he'd feel less insecure in the club
  8. Chamillionare
    I will reference Chamillionare on List App