1. I love Kanye. I'm afraid that will shift into past tense.
  2. He always poured his soul into his music
    Blame Game and Drive Slow will always be my favorites for their vibe. Same with Spaceship
  3. But now he's pouring his soul a lot of places
    Fashion, family, and the Kardashians
  4. His latest music isn't my vibe
    I liked parts of Yeezus but it was an intentionally Spartan album. His "singles" have been weak. "All day" is eh. "facts" was awful. Cruel Summer and Watch The Throne were both filler albums. You have to go to 2010(!) for MBDTF (which is also the last time he was about ~the music~)
  5. I only care about Kanye as a musical artist
    So it makes me nervous when he says stuff about how into fashion he is, or he releases a song dissing Nike.
  6. And he seems surrounded by Yes Men
    Social media flips outtttt for Kanye. But he did his best work when he was fighting someone! Fighting an idea! Fighting to be him! And I don't think he's been trying as hard.
  7. Listen to Kanye from 2005-2010 and then 2010-2016 and you'll see a big differential in talent
    Why is nobody talking about this? Veterans age out! Nobody was giving Jay-Z this much slack around the Blueprint 3 era or for Magna Carta Holy Grail (remember that?)
  8. There is too much good music for anyone to half ass it and expect my unconditional praise
  9. Even Kanye
  10. Lastly, know this
  11. Kanye, the real Kanye, is about believing in yourself and trying your best and being fucking real and raw against the grain
  12. Kanye would ~hate~ unconditionally praised Kanye
  13. So that's that
  14. No idols
  15. UPDATE: it's ten tracks and we heard two
    And the two we heard are very mediocre.
  16. Uh-oh.