1. A gentleman never screenshots a ladies' Snapchat
  2. A modern Gentleman refrains from excessive emojis.
  3. A gentleman refrains from sliding in DM's but is gracious when slid upon.
  4. A gentleman never .@'s large or corporate Twitters so everyone can see their joke.
  5. Under no circumstances will a gentleman request a follow-back or a shoutout even in the case of their birthday
  6. A gentleman, above all, will never ask to be unblocked on social media
  7. When commenting on an online post, a gentleman will refrain from discussing such topics who, in fact, are the real racists.
  8. A modern gentleman does not run a parody account
  9. A #modern #gentleman will #refrain from #excessive #hashtags.
    Suggested by @eatthelove