I am not an expert but as a citizen I know some stuff
  1. St Patrick's day there is a line everywhere; Burger King, subway etc. If you want food, go to Chinatown.
    I've had amazing Chinese food back to back St.Patricks days because it's the only thing not swarmed by drunks
  2. Burgers are good here, pizza not as much
    Hold loyalty to the "pretty good" slice; it doesn't get better than that here.
  3. Harvard square is fun, eat in Central square
    My dad observed this thirty years ago and it's still true today
  4. The secret squares hold gems
    Inman and Union square are my favorites. They are both actively a huge pain to get to. They both have real treats within.
  5. Porter square is a vast WASTELAND
    It has garbage for idiots.
  6. Cambridge and Somerville are cooler than Boston proper.
    Unless you want a Bud Light for $6.50, stick to the Cambridge/Somerville world until you have a reason otherwise