I may not actually "hold" this opinion but do believe, at minimum, a compelling argument could be made in its favor.
  1. In "Othello," Iago is sexually infatuated with Othello
    Iago's motivation is vague and "unspeakable" and constantly brings up ideas of sex re: Othello and Iago has a specific and unexplained spite towards woman all throughout the play, both in the specific and the vague
  2. In "the trial" K. Is guilty with original sin that he doesn't acknowledge and it's Jewish anxiety re: Christianity.
    This hinges on a translation that says that "someone must have been spreading lies about K, for, without doing anything ~truly~ wrong, he was arrested one morning" and the trial is a religious metaphor about being forced to acknowledge ones sin, especially with the priest checking if he "was willing to follow" "calling out to K" and Christ like metaphors for the priest, including K asking if "you're cross with me" (get it?)
  3. The "Wardine" chapter of Infinite Jest is the worst writing by a best writer produced
  4. There where, in fact, ghosts in "The Turn of the Screw"
    Gorgeous book, but too snidely dismissed as psychodrama metaphor. Let there be ghosts! It's a book! Let it be the best ghost story of all time because of ambiguity rather than be shunted with your "actually..."
  5. More as I think of them