1. Maybe my enjoyable squalor is part of my "before."
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    I have a nasty habit of projecting my present to the indefinite future and getting frustrated. But maybe this is the early twenties people talk about!
  2. I don't always have to talk
    Told by a mean and long ago ex girlfriend but I found it oddly calming. I secretly and truly thought I did; liberating to know I just love to, which is a warmer reason
  3. Sometimes cooking is lazier
    I love being lazy so it's a huge motivator to realize it's easier to learn a life skill than keep dealing with GrubHub. I'm getting into it with actual sincerity
  4. Whenever I focus on the self pleasing aspects of self improvement joyfully I'm more productive
    Doesn't work: work out you piece of shit. Does work: im going to look so fucking good hell yeah im awesome.
  5. Doing nothing is productive