Larger (and creative) goals will be saved for later lists
  1. Walk 12,000 steps a day
    I have ADD and live in a great walkable area with a flexible schedule and (for once) good weather. Why not? My phone has a pedometer in it and I'm averaging around 13k a day now- 12k seems like a more auspicious number though
  2. Have moderate gains in cooking
    I'm talking real basic stuff like making a signature sandwich etc. starting small works for me: I naturally build on what I've learned
  3. Stick to a wake-up and sleep schedule
    It's my time and I want to own it. Painless to do. Beneficial.
  4. Explore a little
    Go to the Seaport! Drag Leah to providence for a day trip and see @mianguyen! Just do small easy and hints I'm always happy to have done. If I bring my laptop it's basically a work errand.
  5. Cultivate my wardrobe cheap
    Basically throw out gross socks, undershirts etc, organize closet, trade in tired items to buffalo exchange
  6. Meditate daily
    Being mindful and happy