Not all social media interaction is flirting, but for the others, this my help
  1. Repeat favs
  2. Repeat retweeting
  3. Friend Request
    Buy you a drink?
  4. Google + Request
    Buy me a Zima?
  5. Liking an Instagram
    Saying hi at a bar
  6. Liking a picture on Instagram more than three weeks old
    Breaking into their house, waking them up and saying "hi!"
  7. Twitter DM
    "You up?" Text
  8. Subtweeting and you're not sure it's about you
    It's not about you
  9. Subtweeting and maybe it is about you
    Anywhere ranging from "flirtatious charged banter" to "talking loudly near them at a bar and hoping they then around."
  10. List App Requesting those #s
    Unprecedented swag and charm(?)