1. What's her deal? Where does her brand end and she begin? What's parody and what's ruthless cunning? We may never know.
  2. Truly the queen bee of kindness and joy, Sophia rules with an open heart rather than an iron fist.
  3. Me
    I am a genius
  4. Not so secretly more rap-knowledgable than me, she moves with wisdom and dexterity like a wise and dexterous viper.
  5. Ben is so thirsty he created alts, alts of alts, and even an entire social media platform. Also, is secretly @ConorTripler
  6. Should be ranked higher if anything but could seek some inspiration in incessant volume by yours truly (me)
  7. In a staggering power-play, took the name "@dan"
  8. Too cool for social media, his biggest strength and weakness.
  9. A strong rookie