Hi @lgw
  1. Getting a ride from the bus by Jim
    He was an adorable older man giving his life story in a fascinating and endearing way
  2. Stepping into the Cape house for Chefs, the concert of the year at my parents
    Amazing music, baked goods and a transcendent time hard to explain
  3. Having the perfect sleep
    I slept great the whole trip but this first night was exceptionally good sleep. Transcendent
  4. Waking up to a sunny cape day
  5. Beach walk with leah
  6. Reading, chess
  7. Swimming with Leah
    The water was perfect too
  8. Hanging out, jazz, drinks
  9. Shabbat
    Shabbat! Hell yes! In any other trip this is the singular special purpose
  10. Family Seinfeld
  11. Sitting in the quiet porch with Leah in darkness, listening to Harry Belafonte, Lana Del Rey, and finally, the quiet dark beach of waves and crickets and wind as the sky darkened and rippled with the very occasional thunder and lightning as we sat together in silence
  12. Sleep
  13. Wake up to a cool, rainy day
  14. Chill, chess
  15. Cozy TV
  16. Walk avain
  17. Have a wonderful evening in Provincetown
    It's gorgeous and cute
  18. Have the worlds greatest burger
    I cannot stress enough how good this burger is. See previous list. My trip was amazing and incredible for so many reasons but if it had all been to get this burger with Leah, fair enough
  19. Candy
  20. Sleep
  21. Wake up
  22. Spooky, dreary Flea market
    Get fancy jams, honey, an old Voltaire book from 1927, old ads, a book of the official little league rules circa 1962. Leah gets dope snapshots and more
  23. Sandwiches
  24. Leave this perfect weekend utterly refreshed and satisfied
  25. With enough time to hang some Sunday night!
    Time to decompress, sleep, unpack! Wow!