1. "Got white like a moon stone, selling pure, never two-tone, plus I got that ice that evolves like a Dewgong."
    Pusha T, Poke'mon fan
  2. "Fuck your town, that's a Second City to me; I got New York and Chicago; You see, B?"
    Pusha T, improv fan of @ucbcomedy
  3. She wanna get Del Close, said girl being that ass back, she busy saying "yes, and" like auditioning for Assscat"
    Pusha T, improv fan of Assscat
  4. "Got a Euro girl, I say "when in Rome" and she like it front or back like a Palindrome"
    Pusha T, studying abroad
  5. "Fuck you squares, I moved o's and ovals; and not here to flip, but Pusha T-Mobile"
    Pusha T, if this was when flip phones were popular
  6. "Expert on the pies, I wrote my thesis on them pizzas; and call me Thought Catalog 'cause I'm always thinking pieces."
    Pusha T, if he were me.
  7. "Raise my coke like a kid cause you know it takes a village; living better off the ye, you can call it White privilege."
    Pusha T, Activist
  8. "You other rappers awful, barely score like a quaffle, and I'm quick to catch a snitch like my name was Harry Potter"
    Pusha T, Harry Potter fan.
  9. "Scranton style, you get lead if you rest him; and I just ate a nine like why six afraid of seven."
    Pusha T, Tufts student
  10. "Girl so bad, but she good like scripture; her curves go on and on, like a möbius stripper."
    Pusha T, math major