1. Love
    If you love this burger, it translates. In N Out pays the highest wage in fast food and has the best burgers and best mood throughout. Similarly, a concession burger on a bar menu isn't going to fool or satisfy anyone. But if a burger is loved and cared for, I trust it, even if ingredients sound odd
  2. Good allies
    Fries in reasonable portion and a good side salad; the ability to add or substitute multiple cheeses; bacon or mushrooms; house made root beer or ketchup; all these things will enhance a burger better than smugly following the newest meat trend
  3. Good quality ingredients
  4. Customization
    Either by the chef or by you; there should be an adjustable standard (bacon, lettuce, onion, pickles) and at least one funky option (bacon marmalade, onion strings) on the menu.
  5. Cheap beer
    Shows the care is in the food