1. It's unranked but Zoe is an uncontested number one. She's one third LeBron, one third Arthur Miller, and one third whoever it is she is.
  2. Aesthetic elegance and a quiet warmth like a fire you can't hear in a room in Connecticut were they have small tasty cookies and hot chocolate.
  3. Practical and peppy and also cool, she is the chef version of a young chipper Drake and I am glad to be one of those extras in the metaphorical video of her list-app life
  4. I'm going to spare you the false humility; I am the workhorse of this app. Remember animal farm? The horse was cool and jaded. I am not that horse.
  5. Charlie has coolness tightly bound like oragami in his lists.
  6. Straight up the 😎 emoji
  7. Okay Masie you are legitimately a better writer than me and it seems that you were at twelve from that earlier list and my only hope is you find a parallel passion in, like, architecture.
  8. You
    You're great too!!!!