1. One drink is the new two drinks
    It takes a while to really sober up from two drinks; but sobering up from one drink is chilling out and watching one show. One drink allows crisper transitions to work, more restful sleep, or even smoking weed. Even lighter on the pockets.
  2. Some anxiety is opt-in and a lie. Cut it out whenever you can.
    This comes from the end of my I could tell towards the end of my hypochondria that it was bullshit because I stopped being nervous when I was tired. I didn't have the energy. I was too fucking sick of it- and that meant I was more fucking sick of it than even scared. I've started to let myself fatigue earlier (be fucking sick of anxiety and give up on feeling it) and I love it.
  3. Sometimes a clear critical eye is a kinder approach; problems can be solved plainly if you remove emotional implications of "I suck."
    Via @bjnovak, I now try to find moments where I wallow or exaggerate to obstruct the problem- emotional excess to muddy up looking at the problem realistically.
  4. Third hand, from @sophia: "your work comes from your identity, your identity doesn't come from your work
    Trying to embrace the idea that I am safe as a soul away from oscillations of success.
  5. Rigor is the new talent
    I could use some focus and discipline and am slowly learning to slow down and work harder. For example, this list had a ~draft~, something much of my work lacks. Baby steps.
  6. Recognize small fears and try to face them
    It's like opening a door inside yourself. Maybe I can ski! Who knows! But recognizing I was scared and that I'd like not to be is an important mindfulness step