I am a big talker, either from honest ego or a misplaced anxiety to prove myself. Regardless, at either peak or crest, I don't want beef with the following.
  1. Simon Rich
    Best case scenario, he'll be the Nas to my Jay-Z; the superior predecessor of style. Similarly I can never shade him for his potential to Ether me
  2. Bo Burnham
    Very impressed by his ability to meld genres, being smart and accessible without ever being cloying or pretentious. He's also allegedly a sweetheart. I once wrote him while stoned and he wrote back a solid paragraph
  3. Drake
    You don't become that successful while looking that vulnerable while actually being that vulnerable. Skilled and fantastic, but harder than he seems. Logically, he has to be.
  4. ListApp Faves
    I am respectfully and affectionately intimidated by all of you
  5. That's it
    I am not a man overly given to respect