Ala the Chief Keef song. For the less hip-hop sneer inclined among us, feel free to substitute "that's that shit I bring up in therapy."
  1. Unnamed social parasite who is friendly to your face in that porcelain, sinister Game of Thrones way and then talks shit to your mutual friends
    But she doesn't have list app so 😴
  2. Passive aggressive comments about anything, but especially ones that hinge around my perceived doofus vibe
    If a doofus is successful and happy maybe they aren't such a doofus.
  3. Passive aggressive comments by other teachers
    I'm bad at decorating and classroom management, but when I sub for your class the kids ~cheer~ and learn/retain crucial and complex information so you tell me who's running it
  4. People who only hit you up when they need a favor
    No I don't know any casting directors. Go fuck yourself, Kierann.
  5. People who use tragedy as an excuse to devils advocate their way into showing how much smarter they are than you
    The mad dash to "actually..." fucks with me
  6. Negative people