1. This is it
  2. Local 186 in Provincetown
  3. Kobe beef, black truffle aoli, smoked Gruyere, sliced onion, fries
    It tastes better than it sounds and it sounds amazing
  4. It should be medium rare
    I got mine medium but instantly knew I should've sprung for medium rare
  5. Holy hell
  6. Hard to over exaggerate how good this is
    This decimates previous bests and I have a long experience with burgers, even fancy ones! This is staggeringly above everything else. The ratio here is In N Out over other fast food burgers- this one burger makes even other amazing, expensive, gourmet burgers taste like "wha?" Compared to it
  7. Provincetown, MA
    Worth a trip. Take me with you. It warrants a pilgrimage