A lot of rookies and nerds are stepping to my turf on burgers. Here's my take.
  1. First of all, the focus is too tight
    Burger, cheese, bun, maybe onions pickles ketchup etc and see see obsessive posts
  2. There's an intentional ignorance of creativity
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    My favorite burger is a peanut-butter jelly special burger from All Star Sandwich Bar which had a peanut butter sauce and spicy jalapeño jelly fried bacon and ultra thin onion rings on top.
  3. Look at it
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  4. Part of why it's great is the pairing of superb spicy fries, for example
  5. But you can't control for creativity at burger spots
    Or sides, shakes etc; fries especially can be crucial and are actively ignored in rankings.
  6. So magazines etc simplify it...
  7. Ironically punishing creative burgers and rewarding obsessive, expensive spots that take creative blend approaches but not with toppings
  8. Partially because creative burgers are hit and miss per people's palates
  9. Revealing the bright and glorious truth...
  11. There are only dope burgers
  12. The "control" sample of obsessional "best meat" micro gastronomical taste in the New York Magazine burger issue is silly
  13. Because I want a crazy burger. The blend is less relevant.
  14. Burgers resist the tyranny of ranking
  15. See what I mean?