As the Head Haunt-cho of Ghost Guild (👻) I am often asked about ghosts. Based on little to no research, here are my statements
  1. Ghosts: generic term.
    And let's be real, good enough 80% of the time. Usually means this fella 👻 with the positive vibes to match
  2. Poltergeists: a misnomer. Too many things lumped in there
    Is the ghost in the right? Is it related to a cursed artifact? All sorts of questions to answer before restoring to the "P" word.
  3. Casper
    A derisive term for a fellow ghost who associates ~too~ closely with the living, similar to the friendly ghost
  4. Spirits
    Now we're getting somewhere. Spirits do ~not~ have to be related to a dead person: it can be elemental, such as the sprit of a place or a tree or whatever hippie nonsense is similar to a ghost but not quite a ghost.
  5. Geist
    A spirit with a positive or protective purpose
  6. Wraith
    A sprit with a dark or negative purpose
  7. Specters
    Sort of anti-hero ghosts. These are the ghosts that police other ghosts. What, you don't think ghosts have their own political system separate from mortals? C'mon.
  8. Ghouls
    Ghouls are evil rivals to ghosts. They traded their ghostly manner for a more physical presence and they are evil, Halloween style splits between ghosts and (cognizant) zombies
  9. Ehm'rahk, King Of Ghouls
    A ghoul-wraith, interestingly, who commands the ghouls. Also, more pressingly, a great throw-in phrase in a lot of my rejected comedy pieces