I can't tweet this, but this semi-private media for the moment. Names altered for privacy.
  1. Sara, 6
    Sara is wickedly smart, sharp, a natural leader and troublemaker. She's Korean so she's tri-lingual since she's good at Hebrew. She's six and loves to play and is very combative with me. Sarcastic etc. A tomboy who all the boys are obsessed with
  2. Hannah, 6
    Hannah is Sara's best friend and is spooky smart. She's also six and reads at what I guess is a third grade level, writes, and plays imaginary games at a high level; she's interested in amethyst crystals, Morgan le Feye, fake British accents, and playing mean with me and bursting into melodious laughter. She and Sara both play "thinking contests" to outsmart me. They always win.
  3. Little Lev, 5
    He just turned five so he's younger than everyone. Obscenely adorable. Troublemaker, wants to do whatever like roll on the carpet. Has an equally adorable best friend and they were both dressed as tiger cubs and you would've died
  4. Maya, 8
    Lev's older sister, maya is 8 and is exactly the big sister every boy would hope for; she's confident, capable, smart and loving but down to tussle. A natural Leader who prefers not to lead which makes her even cooler
  5. Theo, 6
    He looks exactly like Neil Patrick Harris but he's 6. Wicked grin, not very wicked. Loves to be approved of, which keeps him in line.
  6. Talia , 6
    Strange and very smart, Talia loves to lie. Loves it. If it's cold outside she says it's too hot; she cracks a grin after a while. She will also improv insane lies about school with a straight face if you prod/encourage her. (Why was school bad? They made you wear goggles? And a snorkel? Wow. AND the teacher exploded!)