1. That it's too late
    Ever since I was 16 I felt washed up and fixed in my ways. Not a good feeling
  2. That I'll die suddenly and all my work will be lost
    A combination of the morbid and grandiose
  3. That all my optimism is just optimism, and hope is the delusion that keeps me going
  4. That being loud isn't the same as being interesting
  5. That my mediocre talents coincide directly with the privilege afforded to me
  6. That my flaws and fears will define the boundaries of myself forever
  7. Medical stuff
  8. That I'll never be successful and, furthermore, that I shouldn't be
    There's a difference between wanting and earning
  9. That I will never have a relationship where love is stronger than anxiety
  10. That honesty isn't in and of itself the same as self improvement
  11. That it's too late to be a prodigy and nearly too late to be on time