1. Aesthetically good words
    One such word is "enough"; such a gorgeous one! Strong but soft and fluid; the sentence "enough is enough" is so strong without a single hard consenent! It's basically just the word "enough!" Etc
  2. Rappers I want to make fun of who aren't Drake
    Do you know how much Game name drops? Is insane. It's intense. Homeboy is the American Psycho of rappers and it's less cool than it sounds. His Dorsia is a Dr.Dre beat; how did Paul Allen get a fucking reservation for a Dre best?
  3. Interesting loopholes of Jewish law
    Want to know when you can eat a bacon cheeseburger? Some rabbis hold that embarrassing another is akin to murder, and that hospitality is sacred leading that if you are served non-kosher food unprompted in a non-kosher house you can eat it! Not universally accepted, but I have a million of these
  4. Interesting ideas in Jewish text
    Passover is almost here so here is a ten plague goodie; the Hebrew text says a "plague of frog" not "frogs." It's singular and clearly so. Most rabbis take this as a title- you know, the frog plague- and roll with it. But! Two other interpretations emerge. One is it started with one magic frog that when hit would multiply, etc etc. The other, even fringer idea? One giant frog monster. True story
  5. The ideal hamburger
    So many schools of thought! I am a modernist, not a traditionalist, which is actually rarer. I think topping and setting can't be divided from the ideal burger while traditionalist/purists are "plain, cheese," and even argue on bacon!