1. A haircut
  2. A better sense of perspective
  3. Fifty bucks
  4. A million bucks
  5. A new toothbrush
  6. Better fitting pants
  7. A cohesive vision for my career
  8. Some nice spring shirts would be cool- I'm flannel heavy now
  9. More gratitude
  10. A robot butler who gives me life advice and also cleans my stuff
  11. More socks
  12. A year back of my life so I wake-up and find out I'm actually 10-14 months younger than I thought and it's like sweet I'm doing better than I thought comparatively with no added work
  13. A workout plan heavily predicated on my ability to appreciate Drake
  14. Less social media
  15. But also, more attention on the social media I do use
  16. Also, less attention
  17. Some cool and cheap framed art for my house
    @mianguyen I will purchase or trade (Red Sox tickets etc)
  18. Sunlight and decent weather which is steadily returning
  19. A mulligan on seasons 2.5 and on from Lost