I like these things a lot! Just not these parts
  1. When "Always Sunny" is too self-referential and meta in later seasons
  2. When Clickhole takes comedy from arcane syntax and word choice. Elitist and masturbatory.
  3. When people who write for Clickhole/The Onion share the pieces they're involved with on Facebook
    I get it you write for Clickhole! I have enough insecurity going on without this.
  4. When McSweeny's turns into a reference-off for eggheads
    Cheap comedy with PhD references is still cheap.
  5. When South Park tries too hard or not hard enough
    A cop-out but they make it hard to publicly rep all the amazing stuff within it's Seasonz S
  6. When well established characters have suddenly established passions that last only for one episode
    I'm a sucker for grounded, character based jokes