1. Snickers
    Don't think of it as a candy bar! Think of it as a nourishment bar that is insanely delicious on a bus ride and a great ~occasional~ emergency, emergency meal with a banana. Always there when you're desperate, always satisfies.
  2. Platonic friendship with women
    Most of my deepest confidence comes from the women in my life who are so amazing and think I'm cool because ~they~ wouldn't bullshit me. If I sucked, it would be reflected in my company, but it isn't, and I find women my age more discerning and more out together souls at the moment. I'd say 70% of my close friends are women, up from maybe 5% in childhood
  3. Trusting my gut
    Why stress or obsess? You know who you like and what you like. Roll with it. My instincts are good
  4. Screwing up
    I mind it much less than I used to which is so freeing. I usually learn from it and everyone lets it go, myself included. "Oops I thought this was kind of a date? No? Weird! That's life! Anyway we're friends now. Fries?" That sort of thing.
  5. Dressing myself
    A slow burn. It's been congealing.
  6. Writing
    It improves by accident. You sharpen it to a finer point and remember skills like you remember a repeated dream; a little more leaks in each time.
  7. Fruit
    Give me some fruit right now!!!!