I have a bad memory so I sometimes use her as an external brain. But you're free now, @leahgracewelcome.
  1. All you can eat Brazilian barbecue remains a thing
  2. Being an adult means being able to buy astronaut ice cream but choosing not to
  3. A cute thing I'll tell her in July
  4. That I love to meditate
  5. A list about how your girlfriend is like various bathroom products
    Suggested by @lgw
  6. Go camping
    Also for the bathroom list it's like: "extra fresh! No more tears!" Etc.
  7. Travel
  8. Cook more eggs
  9. Print your tax form
    Suggested by @lgw
  10. Find out if Lamborghinis are quiet for rap joke
    Suggested by @lgw
  11. To call various family members
  12. That I want to watch "The Drop" with her
  13. To value my own time
  14. Various weird dreams I've had