1. Obsession or anger doesn't make me more productive
  2. I have never been productive after two drinks, though often been productive after one.
  3. It's better to handle a dramatic feeling partially in a calm way before you make a bold decision
  4. Red flags are there for a reason
  5. All my mild vices are much more fun in the "thing I do" category than as a "habit I follow regardless" one
  6. I don't ~really~ care about money or personal fitness beyond broad strokes so obsessing on it wastes my time
  7. I take all my successes and reliefs for granted relative to the stress I felt before.
    I should either celebrate more proportionally to the anxiety or be calmer in the first place. The former is both more fun and more likely and that's a fine fit for me
  8. I want to watch exactly 40% of the sports game, not 0 or 100.