1. Gourmet versions of classic foods
    Donuts pop tarts whatever- if it's good, fancier and delicious I love it.
  2. Quieter bars with open space
    My dream bar is a bar called SPACE which is just a bar where there's enough space and a small cover. It's an anti-club; it promises you a cool, calm place weekend nights
  3. Rap songs that sample gospel choirs
  4. Talking about other people's problems
    I love to talk and I love to get credit for being useful. This is such a win win for me, plus I'm good at it.
  5. Mild or flirtatious chemistry that leads absolutely nowhere
    Total ego boost and absolutely no downfalls? Deal.
  6. A sense of aesthetic
    I've got a great ability to recognize and appreciate it, and I love to, but don't pursue one myself