1. Being comfortable with being a little late/not obsessing about timing
    Mandatory "fuck it" is a fun thing when the chipotle line is too long before work but you need food and timing ahhhhhh. "Eh, fuck it" is fun to practice.
  2. Finding perfect moderation for all my substances
    Getting very close and practice makes perfect
  3. Finding the best lunch routines, including routine variations, for work
  4. Praising myself and contextualizing my life better
    Also fun to compliment myself and calm down stresses
  5. Making more lists
    Lists and structure help make me feel capable it turns out. I'm not as good as I'd like to be but this is progress!
  6. Finding the perfect friend / girlfriend/ work/ writing / personal time balance
    I enjoy all those things so ratio tinkering is fun
  7. Getting better in general which the gravity of time gives me as a freebie