1. Remembering Cape Cod as a time and a place that exists distinctly permanent in my life
  2. Remember every time I prayed that if only ~this~ would work id be happy forever and all the times it ~worked~
    Recoveries from hangovers, first kisses, etc- I have often been given the thing I've obsessed and stressed over in the end- why panic?
  3. "Because you'll have the sandwich and then what?"
  4. The sublimely simply and true advice that Jesse gives
  5. The frustratingly well-earned and hard won advice that sounds so familiar when Ben says them
  6. Doing something on my to do list, regardless of size or relevance
  7. Taking a step back to be grateful (also on my list)
  8. Overstating online which I do find earnestly comforting and calming to do sometimes
    Trying to sub that out but eh
  9. Going around my apartment and my wonderful roomies are hanging and playing jazz and it's idyllic
  10. Remembering realities versus perceived realities
  11. As Yona, a four year old in the preschool announced while hugging himself I should "bring in the love."
  12. Working with kids who adore me helps
  13. Opting out of my outrage, when I can
  14. In