1. Posting up at the library
    Huge and cushioned and patrolled by an ineffectual librarian. Real bad assess brought in food but not me
  2. Eating lunch at Panera
  3. Acapella
    Kill me.
  4. Xbox
    We had no parties so basically video games were the central differentiation between social groups. Xbox was for cool kids because of shooting. I had a Wii
  5. French Fries
    And taking fries from others. Unspoken social cues about who could take from who
  6. Mr.Rosenberg
    Very chill teacher who was certainly too chill in retrospect, but who cares.
  7. Thirsty Thursdays
    We drank hot chocolate in class
  8. Pranks
    I inexplicably was the prank Marshall at my school because it was so small. I was terrified of getting caught so I had the idea and other people did it. I never felt more powerful or cool or afraid of expulsion for wildly mild stuff