1. Don't give me spoilers!
    I will end you
  2. There are (minor) spoilers here
  3. Ready? Okay.
  4. For such an outstanding television program there sure is some nonsense
    Works for and against the show. The levity is weird and cool, but did Breaking Bad have such an uneven cast, talent-wise?
  5. Gorgeous
    Fucking Lynch
  6. Does nobody in this show know they can get divorced?
    Everybody hates their spouse here it's weird
  7. I love how ungritty it can be
    Country cop and FBI agent are...really smooth friends? The city slicker...instantly loves Twin Peaks? Pie and coffee motifs? Nice
  8. How lucky are we in this media age?
    We are in a golden age and ~we get all the best of yesteryear too~.