1. Okay, sixteen minutes
  2. I'm going to be so fucking zen
  3. Wait, shit, don't think
  4. Don't even think about not thinking
  5. Don't even think about...ah, screw it. No tautology
  6. Don't think about the Stay Puft man
  7. Okay, mantra
  8. (Some good mediating)
  9. I wonder if Drake lyrics can be a mantra
  10. Really? You broke a meditation streak for this mediocre mental tweet?
  11. Agh!
  12. Wait forgive yourself meditate okay mantra
  13. (Some good meditating)
  14. Lot of snot in my nose
  15. Look I'm going to blow my nose and there's nothing these Yogi's can do about it
  16. Hehe Yogi's. Yogi Bear
  17. Wait! Meditate
  18. (Brief good streak)
  19. Phone alarm
  20. Over already?
  21. Now to reap the social media gains