1. Are those the Koch brothers? That's them, right?
  2. Were rich people ever that old timey?
  3. Eddie Murphy is way funnier than everyone else put together
  4. Really on the nose with the race stuff, huh.
  5. Wow, definitely can't say that.
  6. Definitely can't say ~that~
  7. Okay that was just the N word
  8. Eddie Murphy is Distractingly handsome in a suit
  9. Okay this movie got a little dark a little fast with the multiple Suicide attempts
  10. Did they just give Belushi's brother a job for no reason?
    Ask Ben about that. Do people still have rap-recaps over movie endings?
  11. A lot of set up with this gorilla stuff
  12. That gorilla mask would've fooled zero people for zero seconds
  13. There was only supposed to be one gorilla in the cage, zookeepers! Get on this!
  14. So this guy is just going to get fucked by this gorilla, huh?
  15. I guess the good guys won, via the stock market but ?
  16. Yay they're at the beach
  17. Without Eddie Murphy this would've been forgotten forever.
  18. I liked it though