1. I am tired of blank, minimal paintings like this
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  2. Or worse, this
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    No, that's it. A black square. Do you "get it?"
  3. Both in the Whitney
  4. And I get it, I do- but Christ, every single museum has at least one anti-painting of just a color
  5. I hate it
  6. Imagine you made this, a literal dope painting, to find someone got in with a blank canvas
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  7. Or this
    407fe1c7 831c 4cd9 9c34 5b332fb5d102
    Expressionism and unclear, sure- but actual effort was used and a message is somewhere, for someone e
  8. Maybe it was cute exactly once. But every museum has this
  9. I know what you're thinking
  10. "Oh Lev, it elicited a reaction, isn't that what art is supposed to do?"
  11. It isn't
  12. I am angry at being lied to by smug idiots that nothing is the same as something
    Similar to @bjnovak on Interstellar, I am furious at being treated as an idiot
  13. And here's why I'm mad
  14. This is a catch 22. Either we emperor's new clothes this and say "dur, it's art" for fear of being dumb ourselves
  15. Or we're rightfully mad at being lied at
  16. But the inept smugness to act like that anger ~is~ the art does a disservice to actual art
  17. What if I published a completely blank book? Am I a genius? Are you obliged to applaud like seals for fear that you're missing something?
  18. Or would you (rightfully) be mad?
  19. Blank paintings are garbage and I will punch their painters in the face
  20. And that doesn't make it art
  21. In writing, the writer doesn't get "intent"
  22. Lest of all this cushy benefit of the doubt stretching that implies ~anything~ I say or do reflects well on the artist
  23. Well, fuck them
  24. They get no credit for my outrage. None at all.
  25. Being intentionally hard to understand isn't in and of itself art. And it certainly isn't smarter.
  26. Frankly, it's the opposite